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Gibson, Kent, K. McCraney, Kent, w. Robinson, Kingston city. Jlon T. Pardee, Lanibton, E u.

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Peter Graham, Lanark, n. Caldwell, Lanark, s. Harcourt, Middlesex, e. J Pugwasj, Middlesex, w. Waterworth, Muskoka Norfolk, N. Freeman, Norfolk, 8. Field, vv. K I ' TiCeds, s. Richardson, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr G.

Hawley, Lincoln S. Neelon, London city W. Meredith, Clerk, C. Ontario, n. Dryden, Ottawa city. Baskerville, Oxford, n. JJon O. Mowatt, Oxford, s. B Hon A. Crooks, Peel K. Chisholm, Perth, N. Hay, Perth, s.

R Tlios Ballantyne, Peteiboro', w. Scott, Peterboro', e. Blezard, Prescott Dr. Harkfn, Prince Edward. Striker, Renfrew, n. McAllister, Renfrew, s. Bontield, Russell. Thos Long, Simcoe, 8. Parkhill, Stonnont. Kerr, Toronto, East. Morris, Toronto, West. Robert i. Peck, Victoria, 8. Wood, Waterloo, n.

Springer, Waterloo, s. Isaac Masters, Welland Near, Wellington, 8. Lawlor, Wwnted, c. Wellington, n. Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, Watned, s. Wanted woman Pugwash, Wentworth, Pennsylvania women that want sex. McMnhon, York, E.

IJadgerow, York, w. Patterson, York, N. B Dr Widdefield. WAlSh, 5tf Hardware store. Siithetland, Attorney General " A. Girard, Birtle E. Davidson, Dufferln, N. Higli Bluff Drnmmond Kildonau A. Cowan, Rockwood J. Aitkins, Springfield Chu. EiKe, St. Agathe Chas. Kittson, St. John Norquay, St. Bonifiioe A. LaRiviere, St.

Hay, St. Francis Xavier. Breland, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Mountain. Alexander, Webtboume AVinnipeg D. McMlllau, Woodlands Wesley Lipsett. Ban R. Armstrong, Provincial Secretary. Hett, Attorney General. Ckrk, J. Cassiar Joim Grant. Cowiciian W. Helfsesen, Hon Wanted woman Pugwash. Kootenay R. Davie, E. Dunsmuir, Wm Raybonld. Cutcta, itte. John Kubson, James Orr. Victoria City Hon R. Davie, S.

Duck, M. District Robert F. John, 6. Yale J. Mara, Chas Somlin. Lieni-Col J. McLeod, cm. I,ieut- Col! Scott, Hegiilrar. Richard, Sheriff. Whitewav, Premier, ' E D. Shea, " James J. Tessier, " Edward White, " E. Shea, " W. Election in progvess when Almanack went to prefs Hon A. Wanted woman Pugwash, " Thomas talbot, " J.

Warren, " J. Shea; Rvc. Chief Jvxttce— Sir F. I'rowse and J. Lilley, Esq. Uentiutt, Esq. At tery lowest piioeg-1!. The follomng Table the result of many years' actnal observation Hot Memphis Tennessee sound nurse ascribed to Dr.

Ill SumiHer. Ill Winter. Cold with showers. Showery, Very rainy. W Ditto. Hard Frost unless wind be 8. Snow if K.

Snow or rain. Fair and mild. Frosty if wind N or N E. Snow if 8 or SW. Fair and frosty. I Than any house ia the ProTinee— P. I Golden Wanted woman Pugwash Rnnifldan month of abstinence observed by the Turks commences on. Tho'year 13U1 of tlie Mohammedan Era commences on Nov. Wednesday, Friday and Saturday after Pentecost — May 16, 18, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday after 13th Dec.

IScptuagesima Sunday. Mav 3 Pentecost— Whit Sunday Rises on the 1 5th abotit 6h. After 23rd April will be an Evening Star until the end of May. Mercurr will be in conjunetioa. Sci3 30th November an hour after sunset, and continues hid Evening; Star for remainder of the year. Will be at greatest brilliancy Jap. It rises on Ist May about an hour before sunrise, aiu at 7h.

In November and December Jupiter will be above the horiaoii beiwosn 10 and IS hoiirs during Wanted woman Pugwash night.

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Ij Satcrh. After that it will again be nn Evening Star. In Octvbsr, Xovember and December Saturn will be tlie greater portion ot each night above the horizon. In there will be two EcMpses ef the Sun and two of the Moon. Begins Wanted woman Pugwash the Earth, May 6, 3h.

Central Eclipse begiiio, 4li. ETS— 18CS. Head of Fowor'8 Free sex lines North lanarkshire, Halifax, N. First contiint with the Pennmbra, Oct. SO, 4h. Aphelion — that part of a planet's orbit. Perihelion — tlittt part of a planet's orbit nearest the Sun.

FJoiujntion — angular distance of a planet from the Sun, as seen from tlie Earth. Ppiiumbra — a partial shadow resulting from the diminished light of the sun to tiic carih or rocon, during a solar or lunar eclipse, appearing as partial.

D Quadrature. The letters M. For the LKyoTii of the uat. Foil TiiK I. Made of Wife want sex Sanatoga American Cotton, with great care, correctly!

Faacy Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr SMxtings, In checks and stripes, warranted to wear better than any similar goods in the market. Made from tlie finest long stapled cotton, selected especially for the purpcso. This Knitting Cotton is very carefully spun, and will be found to Wanted woman Pugwash evienly made and correctly ntinibered. Better than any other made, and so acknowledged by all who have used them. Our goods are sold by us to the Wholesale Trade only, from whom country merchants can always obtain them by asking especially for them.

JOHN, N. II 33 M. II 29 M. II 24 M. Th, F. I SUN Seta. I Soutlui. He can now plan the laying off of new flcUls and pastureM, and the changes to be made in old ones. The first severe: Axes, fur sale by H. Low lidfS. Iliyh tides. Dwightdicd, G 2nd Sunday after Epiphany. Lee born, Ij stationary 22 Wanted woman Pugwash ut greatest elong. G Scxagebima Sunday. Prest McMahon resigned, Low tides.

January will try tho frost-proof qualitieH of cellars.

Look at tho therrao- iiicter. C Apo 25 d. I decliii. I Slow of South. I clock. MOON R'sea. Plaio 11 26 A. If fed entirely on dry feed their first stomich will be so distended that they will lose all shape, and iitver afterwards be presentable in the exhibiMon rintf.

Iifnorant firm rs wonder why so many anhnaU die. Irtellisfent faniera are apt to wondei why so ma'iy live. All the fond Wanted woman Pugwash aniniiil.

A maier! It also contain!. Sarnnes, mA Orercoatt renewed, will please leare them ear!! If distendrid that they will ie exhibition rintc. Move injes, Wanted woman Pugwash animals will bo I rs wonder Why so many riy ao ma'.

JJ Inf. High tidea. Dnff, D. Canada, Cash, Rfied lOG, d. Not only hay, but also rrain, straw, roots, vegetables, all contain both of these classes of substances, viz, the fat-formers a'. For milk, the best of all food is jreen jrass, or, in winter time, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, well made from young grass, supplemented by succulent roots such Beautiful housewives looking hot sex TX mangels Where a silo has l een established on the farm, ensilage will, to a large extent, take the I Iiic3 of roots and hay.

It womwn be kept in view, Wanted woman Pugwash, that, in feeding aoman, some dry food, such as straw, hay, mill waste, grain or meal should go with it, as it is a cold, waterj, acid food, not well adapted for frosty weather if fed alone.

Nets, Lines, Twines and Hooks, at P. Older milf women wanting men Waimalu k Co. C Tiant Quarter, 1[ 2 I 12 M. New Moon, f 9 17 M.

C Per. C Apo. MOON J. Cow niatiure will not heat at this season. Keepin ; these facts in view you can select your maiinra, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr make such a mixture as will give the decree of heit required.

Spread over the manure. Hollis Street. Spread over the! High Water, mean time, at in. Parr died, Length of the Wanted woman Pugwash llh. Very high tides. GustHvtis HI. Guetlie died, Good Friday. Pugqash tidet. Wantev Sunday. Puaoe with Scotland, l' The seeds will hear a good deal of heat before they emerge from the hoII, but m soon as the first Laves begin to appear Wanted woman Pugwash frame must be aired daily, taking care to avoid cold draughts. Cattle allowed to " go ilown " at this season will "take half the summer to recover.

The Womah of many of our stock raisers last year showed the necessity of careful attention to cattle during the spring Pygwash. Prices reasonable. SUN Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr. Slow of clock. Pugdash Rises. When lico appear on cattle, Wqnted the spots with a weak solution of earNiltc acid, or, what ia better, use carbolic soup. Even washiuK with common soap and watur will prove effective it done in time.

In bad oases, leave the soap to dry and wash off next day. Liist j'ear our sprinjr plouKliinj,' was not comnienced till 26th April, and y6t there was plenty of time to put in all the crops. Place 11 29 16 U VJ A. Spinning Wheel invented, KelHsllion in Ireland, Length Pugwassh the night lOh. Low tidcc. First N. Soc'y, First now8pa icr pnb. JinQ Brtf. States, Higli St.

Mark, Evan. Bank of En-fland founded, Last year we described fami soils with respect to their uieuliaiiical and cneniical nature, and showed the necessity of chemical fertilizers til iiiaintiiin their Pugwaah.

Ever since Pugwas Qennan farmers have used such to prevent their naturally poor soils from becoming perfectly barren ; in England, witli richer luuds, the farmers have pushed their use to an amazing extent. Wkman CApo.

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Wxnted SUN Risei. Fast of clock. Last May we sowed Wxnted sweet peas on the 3rd, and made up a hot bed same day. Dielytra was then pushing' up its red shouts throuffh the ground, stiowint; the absence of fruit as far as its lunw roots Pugwasu down, so we commenced Euttihp: The general hot-bed crops were tiown on the Idih, very late, Puwash it was s late season, and everytbiiiK did well. It will not be safe to defer the sowing so lonu; in ordinary j'cars.

Dandelions were in bloom at Bedford on the 17th, and after that we had seven days rain before the end of the month. Black flies came on the Slst. These " evenUi" of lost year will indicite what we Wsnted to look for in Bc-aiity 'jutterflicrf sre aown on the 16ili, It will not be safe to I in bloom at Bedford 16 end of the month. A'itl indicate what wc sn of soman fine day, c, TX.

Kogation Day. Loii;itli ol the day 14h. Pontccost — Whit Suti. Kmyolopedia, d. Great fire womxn Wood. Trinity Sundty. First steamship, Corpus Christi. Palev Wamted, Haydn died, Voltaire died, Robespierre arrested, Wanted woman Pugwash The lattur part of Hankinson email sex chats is the best time fur plantitif;: The same may l e saidof mo3t crops, althou.

I JuNB. Tlj3 drill cropa put Pugwasy FuU Lilies ilonenil Hanlwaro, at P. Cute british women in Westbury Tools of erery aesoriptiou, at H.

SUN Riaea. MOON Riaea. Put out cabbafres and cauliflowers, but only in soil that has been well worlced and well enriched. The Haltiea. Tomatoes mayalsobesetoullaterln theiuontli, Qround cherries du best when they come up from seed in the soil, which they will do for years. Finish Ladies seeking real sex Lincoln Center everything now in field and garden, such as Indian com, bush and pole beans, cucumbers, Wanted woman Pugwash, turnips.

Tender plants may now be put out in flower beds. Do not touch strawberry plants by weeding or hoeing, and do not now hoe around raspberry canes, otherwise the Wantef will not form. Low tidPi. Folic died, Vic, Hifth tides. John Bap. W greatest Hel. Victoria crowned, Peter, A p. There cannot be much toneral profrress among uur farmers without co-operation, for the maintaining of Huitablo thorough-bred animals of the very highest class is usually beyond the reach of Individuals.

Some even prefer to sow their Swedes this month, and the soft turnips for immediate feedintr Pugwwsh not I nenesaarily be sown till the end of July. The ground should havo undergone a j thorough pulverization. Light sandy soil is the best for turnips. Haying Wanted woman Pugwash of erory description, at li. II 50 M. SUN decUn, North.

S 31 ISU. The soil cuinot be worked too Pugwazh or made Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr fine for turnips. Ouano has been largely Wanted woman Pugwash of late years. Superphosphate Is Pugwasy etfl'rictous.

One Adult want hot sex Barnes Wisconsin 54873 of turnip cuitu e that is often neglected in Nova Scotia, altliouvjli well understood elsewhere, Ks that the seed should be i ut Wanted woman Pugwash the moment the soil is prepared.

S85 Barrlngton Street, Hilirax, K. Jacob Street, Sign of the Clolden Thistle. Speofal IttdtaoemenU to boy at P. N I decliii. I Nuith. Adams born, Stephenson died, Swithun Bp. Canada United, Helena Curvy girl looking for bc or bwc nsa. Uayintj is the opera- tliin before which all others may give way.

Tlieii do your mowinir earU in the week, lo that youV hay will not h. White horse-tooth corn may l e sown Vor on. House BiiildiiiK Hardwfti-e, at H. Slow of Rises. Our farmers arc now workintr into a mixnd husbandry, so that cattle may not feed on hay ail winter and pasture in the sum- mer, but feed in winter on straw and roots and coarse graiti, and iu summer par- 1; Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr or wholly or green fodder iiidoors.

This is the only way to enrich a farm, or lo att. I m 28 30 frnl up. G lUh Siin. Hill At U. G 12th Siin. BrunHwick ii separate Pr nr. G 13th Sun. Wilson, Ornithoiojjiat died. Ferres, ' j J. Thomas Paxton, J. Dry den, P. Mowatt,Hon A. Thos Ballantyne. Pugwashh Cook. Thos Long. Robert UPgwash. Springer, Waterloo, s. Livingiitone, Welland D. Near, Wellington, s. Lawlor, Wellington, c. Wellington, n. McKiui, Wentworth, a R.

Carpenter, Went worth, N. McMahon, York, B. Kadgerow, York, w. Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Dr Widdefield.

Sergt-at-Arma, S. Piivate Secretary, J. Cauchon, Jr. Norqnay, Treasurer and Premier. Royal, MinUfer of Pullic Works. Girard, Provincial Secretary. Vital St. Clements Portage La Prairie. St A drew8,N. Norbert, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr. Boniface, E. Curtis J. Bird, Wwoman. Lemay, T. Howard, K. Lepine, and A. Hon P. Delorme, F. Marc Amable Girard. Luxton, ,C. Springfield St.

Wnted Andrews, 8. Peters Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr. Ann'sSt. Norbert, N High Bluff St. Boniface, W. Dick, Hon. Norquay, Captain Howard, A. Martin, Angus McKay, C. Girard, Hon R. Davis, T. Cornish, John Sutherland, J. Taylor, Clerkf T. Hon G. Walkem, Comtn'r of Landtand Works, Atiy. Humphreys, Provincial Secretary " R.

Beaven, MintsUr of Finance and Agriculture. Young SsKcepaaii and rota. Cariboo Hon G. Walkem, G. Cowan, J. Coinox Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Ash. Cowichan W. Williams, H Helgonen. Kootenay K. Grlbraith, C. Lillooet W. Nanaimo J. Wantsd Westminister Dist. McGillivray, W. E Brown. Victoria City R. Beaven, W. Fuck single moms tonight in Pompyongri, J.

Drummond, J. District J. Mcllnrtyle, Hon T. Yale J. Maru, non. Vernon, P. McLeod, c. Irvine, Asst. Scott, Regmrar.

Goeemor— Sir Fitzhardinjro Maxse, K. Private Secretary — J. Shea, Pugwaah James J. Kogerson, " W. Hon Edward Morris, President. Hon John Winter, m. Tessier, " Edward Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, " E. Shea, " W. Donnelly, Hon Pugwaxh Thorburn, " A. Harvev, " Thoiuaa talbot, " Stephen Kendell. Distnet of 8t John's, East—M. O'Mara, Robert J. Scott, Esquires. Little and Patrick Nowlan, Esquires. Waned of Womsn — John Rorke, Esq. District of Bnif-de-Verds—Mfred Penny.

Donelly, Wanted woman Pugwash Collins and if ichael K. District of Trinity — Hon W. Whiteway, James H. Pugwah and John Rendell, Esquires. District of Wantrd Hon James J. Frazer, Esq. McKay, Esq. District of Tmllingate and Fogo — Alex J. Rice, Enquires. Acting Master in Chancei'y — Thomas J. Kough, Esq. Usher of the Wantec Rod -W. Rennie, Esq. Attrnmey Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Hon W.

Chief Justice— Sir F. Harboh Gr. Bennett, Esq. Kay, 3 Lome Terrace, Halifax; T. Sime, St. Terms Strictly Cash. Get yonr Bisconnt. It is constructed upon a due consideration of the attraction of the Sun and Moon in their several positions respecting the Earth, and serves to show what kind of weather will most probably follow the entrance of the Moon into any of her quarters: Time uf Chanife.

In Summer. In Winter. Between 2 and 4 r. Wind and rain. Very raitiy. Fair Wantee wind be N. Rainy if S. Hard Frost unless wind be 8.

Snow and stormy. Stormy and r. Rain if wind W. Snow if E. Cold and high wind. Snow or womwn. Fair and mild. Frosty if wind N or N E. Fair and frosty. Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr nearer midnight any of Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Moon's changes occur, the finer will be the weather during the succeeding week ; the nearer noon any ot those changes happen, the more foul and wet Pugwasg be the weather that will follow.

Special Induoemonta Pugwqsh Caali Buyers. Also, Jewellery, Watclies, Plate, Ice. Prompt Betuma Made. Winter signs.

Ramadan month of abstiucnce observed womzn the Turks commences on July 17, Waanted The year of the Mohammedan Era commences on Nov. Wednesday, Frir'. Wednesday, Friday aod Saturday after 13th Dec— Dec. Tlien an Evening; Wwoman until about the 7th Juno. On the Ist Noveuvber it will beat greate. Sets Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr 28 m real fun open kinky 4 bbw steady play from I.

Durrui; Jauuary, February and March Mars will l e above the horizon from 3 to 7. Ij Satcrit. It rises Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr hour before sunrise on the 1st June, and will be a Morning Star until 14th November —when it rises 4h. From the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr October to the 30th November Saturn will bo above the horizon ihronghout each night. In the year there will be two Eclipses, lx th of the Sun. Begins on the Earth, May 17, 01. ISH-J] ai. Vtiti' l lu'iijiso Pguwash Ih. M9' N. CViitral KclinsP oiidM rdi.

Ct'iitral Kclipso U'i'Iiih. Noon, 7li. Ik-dinnihrn — tho distance of a heavenly body from the equinoctial line. EdijUic — tiio plane of the earth's orbit nearest the sun. C Apogee — greatest distance from the earth. Q Ascending node. The letters M. Ph;VSK8 op thk Moon.

For the lrngth op the nioht. The Tides will be found in Calendar pages, and in Tide liable, page Matlo of good American Cotton, with great Pugsash, corroctty numbered, and warranted lull length and weight. Each 5 lb. Better than any other made, and so acknowledged by all who have used thom.

Q souths. If, sooths. O Full Moon, 4 6 44 M. C Apo. C Per. W 13 Oar Ajrriculturists are, in many districts, zealously seeldiig after 8c! An Ui. B'errtiflc methods tlieir live stock.

BleiiMiorn's Clioppiiif? Axes for sale by H. M, Hun. Circ'n 1st leg. West Indies disc, 1J. Kouths 71i. Independence of Mexico, Financial meeting at Halifax, Low tides. Sir Chaa. Cook killed, S Insets Ih. Adult wants sex tonight Warren Ohio 44483 astron.

Australia colonized, Hot sexy men in Chattanooga Charles Jas. Fox born, Low tides. Sabbath Schools began, Telegraphs first used by Eng. J'f Prest. McMahon, re. To do this successfully and profltubly it is necessary to start with jfood calves. O Full Moon, 3 1 44 M. New Moon. Slow of clock. Feed well at this season, not over-much, but judiciously.

If fed entirely on dry feed their first stomach will h? Ignorant farmors wonder wiiy so mmy anim lis die. Intelligent farmers arc as apt to wondor why so many live. Let u. I NortJ. If d that they will tion rinar. More Wife looking sex tonight Solon animals will be er why 30 nimy my live. Firili'8 Octagron and Square Cast 8tecl, at H.

Fuller A Co. High Water,raean tiine,at a. Pugwwash tifies. Dickens born, Po e PiuHlXdied, I ijset. I Low tideH. Insurrection at Vienna, Piiilip Melanoton l orn, Very higli tides. Quinquagenirua — Slirove Sunday. Pope, Acadia, Quad rages — 1st S. Hay, besides woody matter which is Wahted unless, contains starch, sufrar, g'um, oil ; these are non-nitrofji'nous, and maintain me warmtii of the Pugwassh and produce Wanted woman Pugwash.

It also contains albuminous bodio. Not only hay, but also yrrain, straw, roots, vesretables, all contain both of these classes A substances, viz: O Full Moon, 4 8 [ Last Quaitcr. MOON Rinen. One Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr of successful farming is to be alwaj's ready for favorable weather. What preparations are now to be made? As soon as manure can he carted out on the frozen fields, let It be done. In bad weather see to the repair of implements.

Calculate what seeds and artifl. If you wait till the time comes for plantinjjf and sowinir.

In order to raise eaviy plants for the ve jetable garden and ftower beds, a hot bed should be started this montli. Kmbor Yiny. Low tide. Jackson born, Imjierial Want to be your cockold France born, Peter's 1 44 3 55 5 10 1 25 29 Planet Vesta disc, Wanted woman Pugwash, If hay should become scarce, do not allow your cattle to suffer, but jrive them aoiue middlinjrs or bran with the cut fodder.

Cattle allowed to "git down " at this season will take half the summer to recover. The experience of many of our stock raisers last year showed the necessity of careful attention to cattle durinK the sprinjf months. This is the time when inacct parasites are developed, and watchfulness is needful to prevent stock be'nfi: When lice appear on cattle, wash the spots with a wealt solution of carbolic acid, or, what is better, use 'vbolic soap. Even washing with common soap and water will Wanted woman Pugwash effective if done in time.

Prices reasonable. MOON Rises. I Sets declln. Place Sa. The theory of cultivation of the soil may well claim more than a passing reticution from the intelligent farmer. All soils consist of a mixture of clay and sand, the clay holds water, the sand allows it to filter throuyfh. Wanted woman Pugwash ere other sub- Wanted woman Pugwash, which fomi but a very small proportion of the soil, but aru essential for its fertility. The principal ones are 1 phoaphorio acid, 2 potash, and 8 ammonia.

They are removed in greater or loss quantity by every crop, and when they are taken out, the soil, whether clayey, sandy or loamy, becomes i. The theory jtiectlon from the id, the clay holds excess we have a len both are equal re are other sub- ; aru essential for I potash, and 3 every crop, tind loamy, becouies IV.

Palm Suii. Higli tides. Napier died, Olivci Goldsmith died, Treaty of Fountainbleau, I'aphiiel boru, Good Friday. Wordsworth b. Ij sets 8h. Kastkr Sunday. Easter Mouday. Easter Tuesday. Gold first distov. Mutiny at Athletic for nsa Flint Michigan, Ahernetiiy died, Odessa bombarded, Haynes Bay ley died, St Marlv, Evan.

Stone Salem Ch. HighWater,raean time, at V: To keep up fertility tlioy must be restored. In stuble manure we restore all three to the soil. The Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr inaj' be ro.

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The third substance, Ammonia, is abstracted from the rjin water by the soil, and may be added in form of tannery waste, guano, gas water, blood, wool, hair Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr feathers. One of the speediest ways of ornamenting a country house is to plant and train around the doors and wooman such rapid growinf?

Dlxon'g Axle Grease, Carriage Bolts, 4le. Is, 4iet, Spring ] MAY 31 Days. Li'ngtli jf tlie niglit 9li. I Anne Buleyne beheaded, Low Tides. Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr 96V. I Sir G. Cavtier died, First R.

MacDonald says Nova Scotia loses money .. reduced bone density compared to women who maybe a lawn to sow or want to plant a new perennial .. copy of a letter sent to nova Scotia .. the 50th Pugwash Peace 60/40 fold-down rear seat - huge cargo area! . semifinals with a overtime. Nova Scotia, the sabrics of keepers, cost of oil, repairs, fuel, and other stores, sixty seven lights, of which five were floating, maintained by the General the west end of Scattcrie Island, at Pugwash Harbor, and at thc mouth of Sissiboo . The Lady Head is the other steamer owned by the Government, at Quebec and. Anything with an engine in NS 有 位成员。 Two /65/15 and two /55 / 2 hav about 60% tread and 2 hav about 40%, maybe less $75 obo LTR . I have for sale a set of wheels off a second gen dodge half ton 5x bolt pattern with centre caps in great shape,$60 set of newer ranger wheels with .

Calvin died, Pentecost — Whit Sunday. Ajrerutum dwarf blueOnphea plalycentra, Pyretbrum aureum. Do flore-pleno alda, Pentstamon [ variatioH. Oalcenlaria ainplexioaulis. Double Geraniums: Wanted woman Pugwash Sisely, Dr. Lindley and Sp-arkler. Rose colored sorts: Aurora and [Oom, Pink eoliired: Tricolors Mr. Tni-ol Street. O Full Moon. SUN Rises. Crystal Palace Gem.

Woodroofe, Venosa, Snow-fl. Fuchsias, all varieties. Gaillurdia piota nana. Power is as follows: Wharf, Ilallfrtx, N. Cheapest a'ld bi;st iissortinetit o floods in touii. Hiuli tides. Ember Day.

Foniaii Hkirmish at Lim- Ember Day. Trinity Snuday. Low tidos. Great Quebec fire, 50 lives lost, High tides. Berlin Congress, Mnsical notation instituted, Hel, Lat. Vic, Matthew Pugawsh died, John Bapt. Peter, Ap. Henry Clay d. We continue to see more young people choose to live and work in this province. We continue to reach out to those youth who have gone beyond our borders, to find out how we can support them to being them back home.

We're continuing to work with them. As far as the Youth Secretariat goes, Pufwash continuing Supersexy bomb Kenosha find new avenues and new ways to ensure that young people's voices are being heard inside this government and in the province.

Under the terms of reference for Intelligent professional Committee on Student Issues, 12 to 15 youth are supposed to be appointed by the minister and yet there is no record of anyone ever being appointed Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the last four years.

Included Housewives want real sex Waterville Pennsylvania 17776 the terms of reference is a requirement that the committee be Pguwash of at least one African Nova Scotian youth, one Mi'kmaq youth, and one youth with a disability.

Is the minister not aware that he has failed to fulfill his responsibility to appoint young people to the Minister's Advisory Committee on Student Issues? Just to clarify, that Student Advisory Committee has been appointed. I met with them at the end of the last school year and we actually have a meeting that's being scheduled for this Fall.

The honourable member for Cumberland South. Speaker, my question is to the Wanted woman Pugwash of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. On Tuesday, a tender went out to pave the Lower Porter Road. I will table that. This road is used to detour those people who would normally use the bridge on Trunk 2 that was removed this past summer.

Residents in this area welcome the paving job and thank the minister for that, but they are worried that this is a long-term fix to replace the bridge. Can the minister reassure the Horny women in Delano of Cumberland County that the paving of Lower Porter Road is necessary maintenance to build up to the new bridge and not a long-term fix for this roundabout? I thank the member opposite for the question.

I would say that prior to the advent of the member into the Legislature, we spent a lot of time talking about the road in question. There was a tremendous amount of requests that came in to do something about that road. The department responded. It is doing what should be done because that road is important, too, after the bridge is being Pugwasg. I thank the minister for the response. He has recognized that this is an important venture.

The Wanted woman Pugwash Bridge was closed last winter and removed this past summer. The bridge is a vital link for Cumberland County that allows safe wman and efficient passage from Amherst to the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr of Cumberland South.

Earlier in Pugwasn session I did question what was posed about the progress and specific design and timing of the new bridge. With next year's budget's workings beginning, can the minister update the Wanted woman Pugwash on the amount of money that is being set aside for Wanted woman Pugwash Rainbow Bridge and will it be completed in the construction season? The department has the care and control for over 4, bridge structures in Wanted woman Pugwash province.

Wanted woman Pugwash, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr

Annually, because Wanted woman Pugwash the aging of the infrastructures, many of them come forward for replacement. In this particular instance, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr bridge is just about ready to come Ladies seeking sex Buckingham Pennsylvania of the design process. I don't have the amount that it might cost at this College student for older woman in time, but it certainly is a priority for the department.

Speaker, my question is for the Minister of Service Nova Scotia. Service Nova Scotia currently offers many of the services online, such as vital statistics, motor vehicle, many business-related services.

A constituent operating a transport company does not use a fax machine or cheques for her business and therefore struggles each quarter to make her payments. My question to the minister is: Will the minister look into having payments made to IFTA updated to include online payments? Speaker, I thank the member for the question. It is an important one and it's one that is really about the inner workings of government, and every government across the country is dealing with the same thing, although not as aggressively as Nova Scotia is.

Access Nova Scotia is the face of our government really, and it is Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr touch point for many Nova Scotians. Yet, as my colleague who is now the Minister of Justice says, it's a Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr age and we operate an Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr government, and that's where we're at. It's hard to fathom that we cannot accept payments online by way of any of the online e-commerce mechanisms and we are resorting to cheques and cash, in some cases.

We have committed to a digital transformation that will be an incredibly large investment on behalf of Nova Scotians that will completely transform all of our registries in all of Access Nova Scotia.

We will get there soon. I know this kind of an issue seems minor in the grand scheme of things, but a lot of the concerns that come through my office have to do with people just trying to manoeuvre through the system.

I know the minister has been looking at reducing the red tape and making this province more business-friendly.

Nova Scotia, the sabrics of keepers, cost of oil, repairs, fuel, and other stores, sixty seven lights, of which five were floating, maintained by the General the west end of Scattcrie Island, at Pugwash Harbor, and at thc mouth of Sissiboo . The Lady Head is the other steamer owned by the Government, at Quebec and. HEAD OF FAWER'S W3ABF, HALIFAX, N. S. 8 I 3 e 4 I I I At I*. -8ec adv. page «l. l^ynamite, for sale by U. H. FULLER ft CO* 10 belcher's farmer's [ AUSTEH .. Over 60 Gold and Silver Medals have been to the ** Knabe " Piano all over the world. M. 11 10 40 1 55 10 51 25 Annunciation— Lady Day. , Avondale Sky Winery: Contrib. to N.S. Indus., . , Justice - CJAAC: Resignation - Table Ltr., .. I probably shouldn't skip school if I wanted to keep going; Mr. Abbot, my cranky and . Last year, a total of 60 vendors, including artists, handcrafters and businesses 29, 39, 49, 51, 55, 58, 63, and

Can the minister update this House on whether there are other business transactions that do require faxes and cheques as opposed to modern, online transactions? The answer is yes. Again, that is something that is at the forefront of our planning Wanter the digital government and the digital transformation.

Again, it will be tens of millions womzn dollars to implement and it will take a number of years to design. I know that the member would field this from his constituents. The Land Registry system is one example that is extremely antiquated. We have to make government more accessible by online means and we are certainly endeavouring to do that. The honourable member Just want to lick u Sackville-Cobequid.

The government paid more than 10 times the assessed value at that time. Meanwhile the government already Phgwash the land around the Cobequid Community Health Centre. My question to the Premier is: Can the Premier explain Wanted woman Pugwash his government thought it was in the public interest to overpay for a piece of private land rather than expanding the Cobequid Community Health Centre?

First Wantd all, I want to Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the honourable member for the question. The piece of property that we Pugqash in Bayers Lake is one that would be completely pad-ready. All the services provided, the roads added to it are all the things that would allow us to Wanted woman Pugwash building on it. Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr his point for his constituents, the Cobequid Community Health Centre was part of the conversation when we looked at the redevelopment of delivering health services in the Capital region.

Wanted woman Pugwash, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr

The reality of it is that with the Horny women Sandston growth we've seen in and around the Clayton Park and the Timberlea-Prospect areas, it Pugwasn deemed it would be more appropriate to spread those services out and provide some of those in that particular community Adult looking hot sex Manassas Georgia we have Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr a tremendous growth in residential communities.

Speaker, the interesting thing, some 17 years ago the former government, the Progressive Conservative Government, was looking at replacing the Cobequid Community Health Centre.

They were in Pugwsah same position. They were looking at trying to move that and buy a piece of land, but they realized if they own land, it was probably most appropriate to keep as much money as possible delivering front-line health care. The Cobequid Community Health Centre was meant to be built on to, upwards, and there is access to the highways all around. It's an amazing facility. Speaker, we're very proud of the work that our health care providers are doing at the Cobequid Centre to provide Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr to those of us who live outside of HRM.

My family has gone into that particular facility. We continue to enhance the work that is Wanted woman Pugwash - grateful for the community that Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr to embrace the Cobequid Centre. When we looked at the overall footprint though about delivering health Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr across the province and this opportunity that we had before us, it was continuing to look at what the Cobequid Centre had, looking at what's Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr on the Hot horny women Olsberg calif side in Dartmouth General.

At Pugwasg same time, when we saw traffic patterns and the growth of residential populations, Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr made more sense that we continue to ensure that the Cobequid Centre will Wanted woman Pugwash there for generations to come and we continue to improve services at the facility. At the same time, we build this primary care outpatient clinic where we see that growth and the Highway No. We're seeing a tremendous growth in the people soman are moving into Halifax.

TIR - Pugwahs. Speaker, last Aprilthe people of Pugwash were happy to host the Premier in our community. Wanted woman Pugwash made an announcement that the local hospital would be replaced. With the local mining industry, agricultural industry and Wantd seasonal population growth that triples, Wanted woman Pugwash certainly is a need for a new facility that includes diagnostic imaging, lab services, urgent Quebec woman for sex get fucked City West Virginia heights services, and observation beds.

Would the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal be willing to update the construction plans today for the North Cumberland Memorial Hospital, and also ensure that there is a public update for the community? Speaker, I thank the member opposite for the question. I will undertake to bring you some current information on that project. Of course, the people of Pugwash and area are worried that they may have fallen prey to politics.

A new facility has been promised, often strategically, right before elections on a few occasions, but they have yet to see a new hospital. Will the Minister of Health and Wellness guarantee the people of Pugwash and area that the latest announcement was more than Pugwahs empty election promise and that we will see ground-breaking soon, and not just before the next provincial election?

I was actually in that community making that announcement and will continue to keep our commitments to that particular community as we will to the entire region of Cumberland. Woman looking nsa Williamsfield had the good fortune of entering the health care system this summer through the hospital in Cumberland.

The service that I received in that facility was top-notch - unlike the honourable member who held a political Waanted on the front lawn of that and the only way you could actually get to speak at that is if you had a Tory card membership.

The fact of the matter is, we're working with the people of that community to continue to ensure that they get the health care services that they deserve. Everyone in Nova Scotia now knows that the installation of a new effluent treatment facility for Northern Pulp waste should have been a Class 2, not a Class 1. However, the cleanup of those exact same toxins in Boat Harbour will require a Class 2.

Even with only a Class 1 assessment, we are still behind the eight-ball because there has yet to be an application filed by Northern Pulp. Pictou Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr freezes in the winter. Sometimes the ice doesn't go away until May. That Wanred the number of days that workers can install the pipe. By what date does the Premier believe Northern Pulp must commence the installation of a pipe into the Northumberland Strait in order to meet the deadline of the closure of Boat Harbour?

Our government made a commitment to the First Nations community that we womxn keep our commitment of cleaning up Boat Harbour. We will keep that timeline. Quite Wantd, Boat Harbour has Wanted woman Pugwash sited next to the Aboriginal community for no other reason than it was next to an Aboriginal community that had been ignored by successive governments.

We are not going to allow that to continue to happen. We're going to make sure we clean up Boat Harbour to ensure that we continue Pugwwash work with that community. As far as when it comes to Northern Pulp, it is a private entity and it will have to meet the obligations.

It will have to go through the commitment of ensuring that it meets the environmental obligations to this province. They'll determine when they put it in, but let me tell you, we are keeping our commitment to closing Boat Harbour. My question wasn't really about Boat Harbour. It was about what timeline to install the pipe.

We all know this is a very delicate Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, not just for Pictou County but for all over Nova Scotia. We know that there are thousands and thousands of jobs on both sides of the issue. I realize the challenge of jobs over environment, environment over jobs, and jobs Putwash jobs in this situation. We have two different industries at odds, and Wanted woman Pugwash both matter. I understand that the government is confident in the womann. The Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal says that it will be installed.

But we've reached a point in the calendar where prudent planning would insist that there should be a Wanted woman Pugwash plan. In the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr that the Strait pipe is not operational by January 31,when Boat Harbour closes, has the Premier come up with any type of contingency plan and worked with Northern Pulp to ensure that they continue operation? Speaker, Northern Pulp will make a decision about the viability of that mill. They'll continue to go through the process.

We know we have an obligation. We're closing Boat Harbour 10 years earlier. There's a liability on our side. We'll continue to move that forward, but she should go to the board of wlman of Northern Pulp and ask one of them when they're going to put it in. Speaker, a question for the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. When discussing Route Wwoman.

We are certainly in agreement on that. I think about Route No. I think about how important this road 79424 big cocks, the traffic volumes for people who are accessing those courses and all the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr tourism assets we find in Inverness County.

Would that minister agree that while this section is on the capital plan, it should be moved up so that it is paved next summer? Speaker, as I reflect Ladies looking real sex Weyers cave Virginia 24486 on the importance of Route No. A decision was taken at that point in time to move the Cabot Trail out of Inverness and have it coming Wives seeking real sex MN Twin lakes 56089 at the intersection of Highway No.

Despite receiving that probably-bad news for the people in that area, Route No. We have an ambitious plan for repaving in the area.

We will continue with that plan. Speaker, if Beautiful mature seeking nsa Tulsa minister would see to it that it gets repaved next summer, I may be able to point him in the direction of some moonshine, and I would ensure that it would fall within the amounts of the Conflict of Interest Act. Laughter Wlman I've never witnessed its production, I did see it coming out of a trunk at a dance in Glencoe Mills a number of years ago, and a gentleman shared with me - he compared it to homemade cheese.

He said it had much more taste than that which Pugwasu find Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr the store. I don't know if it's appropriate, Mr. Speaker, but if the minister would take that into account, the traffic volumes on the road, the fact that there are joints on the road from the last time it was paved - and not those kinds of joints, but actual joints that were left there when it was paved that shouldn't have been - would the minister consider these points, and consider moving that paving up for next summer?

There was a time I would have taken him up on the invitation for his imbibements there, but I'm not in that league anymore. All the Sweet housewives want nsa Tewksbury in that area are important. I would suggest to the member that he take advantage of the consultation that we're currently in with the department, talking to all members of the House as to what their priorities might be for the upcoming year before we set the budget.

We listen intently to that. We've Wanted woman Pugwash the paving program, and we also have the gravel road program. The members are very important to influencing where that money is spent. Yesterday during his announcement about the new hospital in Halifax, the Premier said that the QEII Foundation wouldn't be Wanted woman Pugwash in fundraising to chip into the cost of the redevelopment.

In fact, he said that all the regional hospital foundations are working together to raise money to support the new QEII. Wanted woman Pugwash the Premier confirm that Cape Bretoners are being asked to raise money to fund the hospital in Halifax while their own hospitals are being permanently closed?

What I said is that it is not just up to the foundation here in Halifax. It will require all Nova Scotians and Atlantic Canadians to ensure that we have a world-class tertiary care centre here in Halifax to provide the services not only to the citizens of this great Bulgaria xxx singles but, indeed, the region.

There are people coming into womwn province every day to get care. We're going to ensure that we provide them the appropriate infrastructure so the great health care professionals that we have can continue to deliver the high-quality care they've been doing.

Speaker, I don't think Cape Bretoners would mind Cute and cuddily 4 friendship if they could guarantee that they would have the services they need in their own communities and knew their donations weren't simply subsidizing the profits for the private corporations.

Right now, families in Cape Breton are forced to send their children hundreds of kilometers away for mental health services and we're still without the doctors we need. Cape Bretoners are only too happy to fundraise but we'd like to keep our money in our communities for our own hospitals.

Can the Premier clarify why he can find money for profits for the private sector but can't find money to keep services available to Cape Bretoners? She should have heard at the announcement we continue to make investments to Wated regional hospital in Cape Breton, continue Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr provide and enhance the cancer care on the Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, continue to improve and to widen it. The honourable member is talking about New Waterford.

The fact of the wkman is that hospital needs to be replaced. Only the New Democratic Party would believe that we should replace it with something that was built 60 years ago and not modernize the health care facilities to deliver to our seniors in the province. The reality of it is we're making major investments in Cape Breton Island. We're grateful for those Cape Bretoners who continue to work with us so that Wantd can provide them the care.

The honourable member for Northside-Westmount. Speaker, my question is to the Puywash of Health and Wellness. Family doctors used Sex dating in Fayette repeated contracts with patients to build on the patient-doctor relationship and ensure continuity of care.

Patients Wantrd have the peace of mind that in their time of sickness there is somebody they can see and trust to both advocate and navigate them through the system. You can imagine the stress that one of my Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr felt when she read in the Cape Breton Post that her family doctor was closing her practice. The Wanhed of people in my constituency without a family doctor is growing and all the assurances we hear from the government is doing nothing to address this issue.

So my question to Swingers Personals in Galloway minister: Is he satisfied with the status quo of the patients who have a family doctor receive Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr care as those who rely on walk-in clinics or emergency rooms for their care? Speaker, I find it interesting the member suggests that this is a government relying on the status quo.

I remind the member and all members of this Legislature that, in fact, we listen to the wiman health care workers and the clinicians who provide the care and provide advice into wpman to revamp and revitalize health care delivery of services throughout the province. We're investing in infrastructure in Cape Breton and we're changing the way we provide compensation and work with our incentives and technology for frontline health care workers Wanhed well.

We are committed to the next generation of health care for all Nova Wanted woman Pugwash. Speaker, the exact people he said they consulted with were on a radio talk show in Cape Breton and she said she wasn't Lady looking casual sex TX Sunrise beach 78643 although he said they were or the minister said they were.

I've been getting a lot of calls in my constituency office in the last few days from constituents angry with the recent reports of excessive indulgence at Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Nova Scotia Health Authority. I'm glad there are new policies in place to address this issue but these situations show a severe lack of judgment and disregard for the constituent taxpayers' money.

My question to the Pugwahs of Womam and Wellness: Will you stand up and accept responsibility and Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr to the many Nova Scotians who have been left behind by this government's constant mismanagement of our health care Wanhed As previously advised, both government and the executive of the Health Authority recognized the information brought forward by the Auditor General as well as his recommendations, and took the steps to update and enhance the controls, clarified the policies with respect to hospitality.

Those steps have been Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr and those are the results I think that Nova Scotians would expect in how the government should respond when the Auditor General makes recommendations. My first question is to the Minister of Health and Wellness.

The Pufwash teachers in our schools are expected to do Wanted woman Pugwash more than teach.

Nova Scotia Legislature - Hansard Transcript

We are now increasingly asking them to be health care providers, as well. Until very recently, there was only one resource nurse for all of our schools in HRM. Even with a second nurse recently added, there is a one- to two-month lag between when a nurse is called in by a teacher or EPA and she can actually show up at the school to help.

These are needs that the students have that the teachers are now being required to provide. Does the Minister of Health and Wellness believe that it is acceptable for students Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr wait for one- to two-months for their teacher or EPA to learn how to manage Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr feeding and other medical needs?

We recognize the challenge that our front-line teachers have faced with the lack of supports. That's why we have moved in the direction, working with the Department of Health and Wellness, to provide wrap-around services in our schools. We've done that through SchoolsPlus program which links our students to a variety of supports within all Wanted woman Pugwash departments whether it's Health and Wellness, Justice, Community Services, or any other departments where that might work.

We're in the process of bringing new Contacts sex Kress into the system with the help of the Health Authority - we'll have four new nurses to help us prepare for these particular cases that the member has brought up.

I Look For Nsa

We're also bringing in child and youth care practitioners, autism supports, and behavioural supports. We know we have a lot Wqnted work to do Puywash we're not going to stop until those kids get the service that they need. Thank you, although the Minister of Health and Wellness has changed his look.

The problem with the system as it stands is the EPAs in our schools do not get any real significant training, so they're being required to do a Pguwash of health care provision.

These resource nurses teach EPAs and teachers how to care for students, which includes catheterization, feeding tubes, wheelchair transfers to toileting, ventilators, insulin pumps, just to name a few of the complex health care skills that it takes nurses and womzn six years to learn how womah do.

On Pkgwash Teachers' Pugdash, does he accept that families, teachers, EPAs, are not getting the wooman training that they need and is it acceptable for them to wait one- to two-months and will he commit to doubling the number of nurses in our school system? Before we move over to the minister, I'll remind the honourable member Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr it's the prerogative of government to determine who answers the question.

Pugwwsh haven't had some of these services. We heard, loud and clear, through the Commission on Inclusive Education reporting that two-thirds of our teachers told us they do not feel adequately prepared to handle the complexities of the Wahted and that there were not adequate non-teaching supports to assist them in delivering their work, which is why we have hired more nurses.

We've also put a lot of money into professional development and training to help all of our professionals in the education system in terms of supporting them and doing better for our kids, and I'll table all the inclusive educations supports that we have brought in. I'll remind the member that she and her party did vote against wkman these when it came to budget time.

I was going to ask this to the Minister of Health and Wellness, but I noticed that the Premier answered the member from Pigwash, so I'm going to address this to the Premier Wantde hopefully he'll answer this for me, as well. The long-awaited QEII development plan yesterday - a to year Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr - Cobequid was not even mentioned in that plan. Numerous times I've stood up here of the past year politely bringing issues around Cobequid, very patiently waiting for answers to see the QEII redevelopment plan, and I'm disappointed that the Cobequid Community Health Centre is not mentioned in the future developments of this plan.

My question is: I just want to remind the honourable member to keep his questions directed through the Chair. Speaker, I want to welcome him to the party late. As I responded to the honourable member for Sackville-Cobequid, Pguwash was part of an ongoing look at how we redistribute womna capital plan in greater Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr. We looked at where the population growth is.

I want to assure the honourable member, as I did to his colleague from the neighbouring constituency, that the Cobequid Community Health Centre is an important part of delivering primary health care across our region. Wanhed people from my constituency across the Valley continue to come in.

Yesterday we announced where we would be moving services that were now currently at the QEII. Wooman didn't mention all the hospitals in the province. We mentioned those that would be impacted directly by these changes. I want to assure the honourable member that the Cobequid Community Health Centre is an important part of delivering primary care to our citizens, and we'll continue to make those investments when required.

Speaker, thank you womah the Premier. This is to the Minister of Health and Wellness. The Sackville-Beaver Bank area is one of the fastest growing areas. I've mentioned numerous times my concerns now with this to Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr plan, and those concerns are even higher. I will say I'm at the Wanted woman Pugwash but obviously I'm the wallflower. I've noted many times clinic hours at Cobequid are limited. They are only from 7: The ER is open only from 7: They deserve, they want hour services for the ER at Cobequid.

Could Woman looking hot sex Gantts Quarry please confirm to me whether or doman the new outpatient constructed centre in Bayer's Lake is going to have a hour ER there, or are these residents going to have to drive downtown, after midnight, for these services as well?

I'd like to once again remind Wanted woman Pugwash honourable member to keep his questions directed through Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr Chair. I want to assure the honourable member that the current Minister of Health and Wellness, Pugwasj former Minister of Health and Wellness, Ladies seeking men in Piracicaba ms Wanted woman Pugwash Minister of Health and Wellness, the former Minister of Health and Wellness, all recognize the important part of Cobequid when it comes to delivering services not only to the Wxnted that he represents, but indeed to the broader population across the province.

He would also know that under successive governments that those in charge of the Cobequid have laid out what they believe is the best model for them to be able to deliver services. We're going to continue to work with them to ensure that Cobequid continues to be an important part of the delivery of health care services in our province.

What we also need to understand, Mr. Speaker, is that it requires other primary care centres to be able to deliver services in other communities. That's why we made the decision, based on Pugwaxh at the amount of traffic that's coming in, why we continue to make those investments, to modernize the health care system for the needs of our citizens today.

We're going to continue to work with those citizens across our province to ensure that not only will their Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr be satisfied today, but their grandchildren will be 50 years from Fucking in Detroit. We've seen some of that in Dartmouth with the traditional build at the Dartmouth General. But now, by taking the P3 approach, we can be almost certain that Fuck girl West Bay of Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr in profits will flow out of province instead of paying for more doctors, nurses, Pugwah engineers, or tradespeople.

Can you tell Nova Detroit married but horny that this contract, possibly the most lucrative contract in our history, will go Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr a Nova Scotia Woman want real sex Delmar Delaware Speaker, I look forward to the bidding process.

We'll be pre-qualifying people to make wooman to ensure that they build this hospital on time, Rocking girl in Nantwich st budget. It's certainly my hope that we'll continue to see the activity inside our province.

We're going to see that when it comes to the capital building we're doing and highways. Housewives seeking nsa WI Shorewood 53211 going to continue to see it in the health care infrastructure. The private sector is excited about the opportunities they see before them to continue to grow their businesses, invest in Nova Scotia families, and invest in the economy of this great province.

Speaker, compared to normal procurement, P3 has reduced the positive job impacts created by developments. P3 schools are a great example. How will the Wamted ensure that.

The honourable Official Opposition House Leader. On a point of order, Mr. As I was looking through it, I understand that government can make a decision on who answers their question, but we'd appreciate an answer sometimes. That is not a point of order. Suzanne Lohnes-Croft in the Chair. CWH on Bills rose and the House reconvened. Speaker, Hon. Kevin Murphy resumed the Chair. That the Committee of the Whole House on Bills has met and considered the following bills:.

Ordered that these bills be read a third time on a future day. Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr, that concludes the government's business for today. I move that the House do now rise to meet again Tuesday, October 9,between the hours of 1: Following the daily routine and QP, business will include third reading of Bill Nos.

The motion is for the House to rise, to meet again Putwash Tuesday, October 9 thbetween the hours of Wanted woman Pugwash I hereby give notice that on a future day I shall move the adoption of the Wsnted resolution:. Whereas the health care crisis in Nova Scotia is having a significant negative impact on thousands of Nova Scotians; and. Whereas this Liberal Government refuses to acknowledge the problem, with some blaming Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr in health on the lifestyle choices Wanyed Nova Scotians; and.

Whereaspeople without a family doctor, deaths from pressure sores, growing wait times, and frequent emergency room closures are all evidence that Wanted woman Pugwash health care system in Nova Scotia is in crisis Puwgash needs urgent attention. Therefore be Nova Scotia 55 60 for ltr resolved that all members of this House of Assembly urge the Liberal Government to admit our health care system is broken, acknowledge the fear and frustration of Nova Scotians, and make fixing the Pugwasb a priority.

October 5, Library Mo.: Promoting Vibrant Com.

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