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How To Find the Lucas Angle - YouTube

Find Lucas At the end of Part 5 of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard, Ethan Find Lucas against Mutated Marguerite and he gets a lantern at the end after she dies. This Find Lucas help us for the next job to make the serum that requires Fihd items an arm and a head. You can get Fknd to the caravan and save the game. Now in this part, Ethan has to find two card keys, to locate Lucas, he founds a VHS where he saws how Lucas traps a man and kills him. This should be clue for further levels.

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Using the map, get back in the old house and in the room that Find Lucas a dead crow on the door. The place where Marguerite had attacked Ethan for the first time.

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Enter the room take right and then follow the stairs and turn around towards the Find Lucas on left. Add the second lantern Find Lucas unlock the door of Kids Room. The Arm is situated in the Detention Room.

You can Fnd in the map below the location. The room way is towards south then Find Lucas the contaminated room and taking the north following the lobby.

Find Lucas Detention Room behind the bed there is a small passage that takes to a hidden place that directly takes towards Fiind D-Series Arm. Few enemies will Find Lucas you, come out and wait back for the phone call by Zoe when you exit the area.

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Another call reveals Lucas has the head. Lucas has something for Ethan, Find Lucas has to go all the way towards Processing Area in the Dissection Room. Use the map to reach the point. After dealing Finnd a mutilated creature turn right into the cellar area and move up. This is the place where Ethan killed Find Lucas.

Finding Lucas by Samantha Stroh Bailey

Find Lucas Enter the room on right side with iron door and pull out the Snake Key from the body. Get back outside and move towards the Main Hall. The Find Lucas aim is to find a key card that offer access to the other part of yard.

After reaching main hall, go up and unlock the door Find Lucas snake on the right side using the snake key. There is a box inside near the mirror that has a lock pick. Go near the bed and there is a watch on the left, set the time to This will shift the bed and unveil a hidden path below. Go down and collect the Red key card from the table.

Find Lucas one is near the Recreation Room. Enter the main hall, go up and take the door on the left.

Finding Lucas () - IMDb

Find Lucas move left and unlock the door with Snake key. Lift the lamp to get a stair to reach the attic. There is Find Lucas VHS in the cupboard. Ahead there is an object kept under light projection, use that to get the next card key from the miniature home kept on the right. Go down in main hall and receive Lucas call.

This is another gameplay which put in the shoes of a stranger abducted by Lucas. Take the candle from the clowns hand and move to the right side of Find Lucas, you will find a birthday cake. Next go near the barrel and take the winding key. Go out Fidn the Looking for fun tonight it s a dude Find Lucas and attach it to the clown.

Go to the toilet at the left of clown and put your hand into pull a Dirty Telescope.

Go in the room where you can find the cake and winding key, on the wall there is a puzzle, which you can see through the telescope Find Lucas the TV's on Wall. Move the rollers to get the exact match Find Lucas you get a Straw Doll. Go the gas Find Lucas kitchen, burn it and ignite the candle.

Burn the doll to get a dummy finger. Next turn right, walk straight to a door full with Balloons. Collect a yellow one. In the kitchen at the balloon on the pipe as in the picture. It will blow up, then pull out Quill Pen from your body and move to Lcuas clown.

Put the pen and then turn the key. He will write Looser as a password. Use the password to unlock the door Find Lucas the room full of balloons.

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Collect the valve handle from the wall. Next go out and use the handle on the room where you had seen the cake. Finally burn the candle and keep it on the cake, this one is a trap Find Lucas Lucas, which shows he burns up the man.

Find Lucas

The tape ends here. Find Lucas take path left of Caravan, use the key card to open the locked Findd door. This is where we end Part 6, Ethan gets one part of serum for the second one he has to face challenges set by Lucas Find Lucas had also abducted Mia and Zoe.

You can continue with Part 7or can checkout Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Wiki Guide for full walkthrough, tips, tricks and cheats. Next page. Home Resident Evil 7 Chapter 6: Resident Evil 7. Latest Posts. PS4 Exclusive Dreams: Find Lucas About Privacy Policy.