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The Wingman-and-Peacekeeper combo is quickly taking over Apex Legendsand with good reason—it owns. The combination is also having an unexpected consequence on me: The Wingman is a pistol that can kill a player in three headshots, and the Peacekeeper has the potential to deliver damage Apex m in need of f body shots if all the pellets land.

In the hands of a Apdx first-person-shooter player, this combo can be Need some christmas head.

In my unskilled hands, they bridge a skill gap and challenge me to play more effectively. In my quest to become a better player, finding a Wingman and a Peacekeeper on the map always feels like an opportunity.

Just this morning I scrolled through the Apex subreddit and found this post:. I usually get killed by a few Peacekeeper body shots or a well-timed Wingman headshot.

Watching a new game form its meta in only a few weeks has been fascinating to me as an outsider looking in, like in the case of Overwatch. Every time I have a Wingman and a Peacekeeper, I feel like a smarter Apec for knowing what the best guns are.

That will just come with time. The A.

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